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Welcome to Halos Huts rules page!
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Here you can find all the rules that the rules and regulations  of the Minecraft server

Chat Rules:

1. No swearing (swearing to much)

2. No bullying, put-downs, or other harassment

3. No spamming

5. No treats

4. No racial slurs 

5. No political topics

6. Anything that might offend other users will not be allowed 

7. Try to avoid arguments (if we see you arguing we will try to break it up)

8. Don't be  homophobic

9. Asking for a rank or asking of OP

10. Attempting/bypassing the chat filter

11. Encouraging rule breaking

12.  Any form of advertising 

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute

1. You may not tp away during a fighting someone (punishments will be issued for those who do)

2. No xraying

3. No cheating or giving your self a unfair advantage (if you are not sure what is considered a unfair advantage ask a staff member)

4. No use of expliots (you may report one to a staff member if not reported you will be punished)

5. Lag expliots are strictly prohibited (will result in a perm ban)

6. Griefing the area around spawn is not allowed even tho it is no protected (use common sense)

7. No combat logging (Tping away when fighting or leaving game during a pvp match)

8. No building inappropriate figures or buildings on shop plots or else your plot will be removed. 

9. Use plots how there supposed to be used.

10. Dupes are strictly prohibited and will come with a ban

11. Bypassing the anti afk

12. Macros or auto clickers are not allowed and may you may be kicked and a ban for repetitive offenders!

13. No alt accounts at all 

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules will result in a temp ban or a perma ban

1. No Cheating

2. No abuse of exploits in any way

3. No abusing any game bugs with out telling a dev

5. No cross teaming

Punishments: Punishments may vary (temp ban/Bans)

1. No dupes

2. No Combat Logging

3. No Cheating

4. No abuse of bugs (Report in a ticket)

5. Clan teams must be appropriate 

6. No autoclickers

7. No lag exploits 


Punishment: Punishments may vary (temp ban/Bans)