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Skyblocks Major Update is almost here!
Halostv Owners Member
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about 1 year ago

I am happy to announce that the major update that will be happing to our Skyblocks gamemode. We will like to let you guys know about the new and upcoming features coming and why they make the Skyblocks we know and know and love completely game changing! So lets get started


So some of the new features that I would like to discuss is the full revamp to the scoreboard, and tab list. This change was very much needed to fresh up the gamemode and make everything looks clean. We decided to completely remove of the bitcoin in game, and replace that with a new money making opportunity called stonks. Basically you buy and sell stocks and overtime your stocks may go up or down! We also decided to fully revamp how crates worked. We now give keys virtually and they are no longer physical items! We also updated the servers main version to 1.19.3 all of our server dependencies have finally updated to this versions so it was safe for us to make the update.


There may of been some features that I may have forgotten in here but most things will be uploaded in the change log on our discord!

Halos lol