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Sorry for the Radio silence
Halostv Owners Member
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about 1 year ago



So I just want to discuss the radio silence, we have been working so hard on Skyblocks that we forgot to interact with our community for Skyblocks and what to add and what to remove. We have been working very hard to provide a bug free release, obviously that would never be possible. But while going more into testing we found lots of bugs and things we would like to change to make better. Like the removal of drugs, we found that was not kid friendly for a block game. We also found tones of game breaking bugs and just quality of life improvements that we could make to the server. The 1# reason is we are trying to perfect something that wont be perfect! But.... hey at least we tried. This week will hopefully be the release of Skyblocks I keep pushing it back but I'm going to try my hardest to get this game mode out so everyone can experience the game mode. With that being said hope yall are excited!


Halos lol