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Cheater Policy Update!
Halostv Owners Member
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about 1 year ago

So recently we have been very light on our cheater policy. For one of many reasons we where not able to give suspects a positive reason of why there where banned by the ac, or properly let suspects have a fair chance of getting unbanned by screen sharing them. 

Our solution we acquired a program called https://echo.ac/ ! This software allows us to properly inspect your pc for any cheats or suspicious third party applications! This will better help with appealing anti cheat bans. We will now require all suspects to submit a scan! You may ask why? Well what echo does it scans your pc for recent applications ran and detects a majority of cheating software's. We will not require a scan if it is clear to staff it is a false flag. This can better help clean up the community as well as help catch cheaters and free innocents. 


If you would like to do your own research into echo feel free to a majority of pvp servers and big servers use it as a ss tool. Can confirm it is 100% safe.

Halos lol